Why Food Safety?

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If you run a food business, you rely on your reputation, your ratings and the trust of your customers, but simple, avoidable errors can lead to food becoming contaminated, food poisoning, unhappy customers who never return, and even being taken to court!

That's why our food safety training is designed to give you better protection...

to make sure your business handles, prepares, stores and cooks food safely...

and at a very affordable level of investment in your staff.

Book this great quality, engaging training day when you're ready for a massive difference in your team's attitudes and work practices which is sure to improve your food safety, protect your reputation with your customers and is a really good decision for your business.

"James was fantastic. Having worked as a chef for many years he has a realistic and practical understanding of what workers in the trade face on a day to day basis. His delivery engaged the staff with a sense of humour garnered on the coal face, quickly gauging the abilities of the group and keeping the pace of the session at an appropriate rate."

- Nick Jerrim
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